Alex Iraheta (Anexo Social)

Alex Iraheta is known for his talent as a singer songwriter, actor, and collaborator in many different art projects including El Barrio Street Theater. Alex has been the frontman for his own band Anexo Social. He's known for his bilingual lyrics and his musical style which tends to be a fusion of rock, reggae, and cumbia. He is also known for lyrics that speak about the realities of artists and the plight of common folk--workers, immigrant and the poor.

Their lyrics are socially conscious and their music is a combination of multiple Latin American instruments such as quena, dulcimer, flute, saxophone, bass, drums, congas, bongos, melodic, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, rattles and bells. 

They reunited recently, welcoming new band members, to perform in Mount Pleasant--a performance that will be featured in the film.