Ellie Walton
Documentary Filmmaker / Mentor / Ally

40 Years and Still Running follows in the footsteps of La Manplesa, the documentary film about the 1991 uprising in Mt. Pleasant by Filmmaker Ellie Walton who we've collaborated with in the making of this film that we view as a sister film to La Manplesa.

Ellie first picked up a video camera when she was 11 years old to film her older sister’s act of civil disobedience at a skating rink, as the Lesbian Avengers held hands during couples time. Ellie kept rolling as the police stormed in and then handed the tape to the TV crew outside, who screened it that night on the local news.  Ever since, Ellie has been committed to honoring stories of everyday revolutionaries, through the beauty and honesty of cinematic portraits. Ellie’s career has been focused on deep engagement and collaboration, a participatory approach to filmmaking where both authorship and ownership are shared.  She is an ongoing collaborator with D.C. based production companies, Meridian Hill Pictures and Unchained Stories.